Future Fossil Studios Ltd.
Based in Dundee, Scotland

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January 14th, 2013


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Future Fossil Studios (Future Fossil, FF) is an independent games development studio based in the heart of Dundee, Scotland. The company was founded by six Masters of Games Development early in 2013 and the company has developed a mixture of proprietary intellectual properties and commissioned games in its short history. Future Fossil is always looking for potential new partners who can help the company deliver its commitment to producing new and exciting games for the marketplace. Over the coming months and years FFS looks build on its successes to release a number of titles for the mobile games marketplace, ranging from informal games to educational experiences.


Early history

Future Fossil was founded in November of 2012. The founding members of the business felt a need to continue creating original works following their exit from higher education and took it upon themselves to accept the challenge of establishing a sustainable games development business. Upon a successful application to the University of Abertay's "Prototype Fund" the team set up a work space from which to develop their games. The first game prototype the company developed was entitled: "Powderline" and was proposed as a free to play social snowboarding game. During this period the company also began development of their first commercial release "High Steaks!" whilst also developing a series of educational workshops and participating in initiatives such as the BBC's Connected Studios Events. The main aim of the company during this period was to diversify the outputs of the business to allow a long term platform from which to create content.


IIn the summer of 2013 FF was given the unique opportunity to deliver a selection of workshops to young people to teach them to design and create their own games. Since then FFS has actively looked to grow this side of the business. Workshops currently range from ½ day sessions to full 5 day courses and participants are of all ages. As well as working with local schools and youth groups, FFS has worked with notable partners including YOYO games, Bafta, Dundee City Council and Prince's Trust to deliver these services. The success of the workshop provided a platform to reach the customers who would ultimately play FFS’ games and allowed the business to give something back to the wider games development community.


Recently, FF completed a business accelerator program with ‘IDEAScotland’ and have developed a prototype for a commission with DC Thomson - a privately owned, billion pound publishing and media company, that owns popular children’s IP. The commission forms a proof of concept for a product which takes the values and ideals from the physical games education service that FF provides and translates this into an app for the mobile marketplace. This app – codenamed “The Dig Site” – presents an accessible and engaging platform to teach an audience between the ages of 10-12 the basic principles of games development. The proof of concept also presents a solution for incorporating third party IP into the games education space – a feature that will prove powerful in growing the impact and awareness of the product moving forward. Having already engaged with large charities, local authorities and private enterprises, Future Fossil is looking to expand its partnership network to provide solutions in games related education.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Creative Scotland Digital Innovation Award - Dare to be Digital 2014" - Future Fossil won recognition and funding at Dare to be Digital 2014 for a games application based on physical location and unique input methods. The resulting game is due to be showcased in early 2015 - watch this space!

Selected Articles

  • ""Future Fossil Studios is one development house we should all be keeping tabs on.""
    - Peter Willington, PocketGamer
  • ""The Future Fossil team were well prepared, extremely approachable and eager to engage with the pupils. The combination of their energy and careful planning, combined with the exciting context created a quality learning experience.""
    - Jonathan Brown, Teacher,
  • "We are delighted that our first ever Get Started with Games Design course has been such a success.""
    - Alan Watt, Director - Princes Trust Scotland,

NUA write on Creative Scotland Award
A news article covering the award of nua.ac.uk.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Daniel Falconer

Donald Hicks

Marnie Faulkner
Character Artist

Philip Barrowclough

Stefen Rodger

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