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Unique, passionate and fun.

Future Fossil has been building games applications for a number of purposes for the last three years. The team provides complete development service from concept to publishing. If you would like to discuss a game idea that you have, please get in touch.

High Steaks

high steaks

A mobile F2P game for Android and iOS.

High Steaks was our first title. The game was released in 2013 and showcases our ambition and ability to produce games for all ages. Within the game a number of technical competencies are shown, from in-app purchasing and advertising to optimised visuals and social media integration. High Steaks will always be a part of Future Fossil history and marks a point from which the business has grown and matured in the passing years.

The game is available on iOS, Kindle and Google Play stores for free.

The Climb

the climb

A Creative Scotland funded game exploring the concept of 'Passive Gaming'.

The Climb underlines our ability to create and explore new concepts, enjoy what we do and to contribute to the creative landscape of the games industry. This game was created to explore the idea of 'Passive Gaming' - a term coined to describe a method of interaction which allows a player to contribute to a game without needing to subscribe to the traditional relationships on which games rely. The Climb utilises wifi technology to allow users to generate content for a game through their presence alone. An individual with a wifi enabled phone is able to create a random character without ever having to install an app, turn on a service or pick up a controller.

A Year of Change

a year of change

An education app for Dundee City Council.

A Year of Change was designed by Future Fossil in partnership with Dundee City Council to educate on the changes to the benefits system with the introduction of Universal Credit. The game showcases simple user input and a non-traditional application of game structures in order to educate on an important subject. This product is now available to nine councils across Scotland and has had more than 6000 responses from people playing the game.

Bacteria Combat

bacteria combat

A digital companion game for Game Dr. Ltd. to educate on bacteria and antibiotic resistance.

Bacteria Combat: Lite, released in 2015, is a game designed to teach players about bacteria and bacteria resistant drugs. The is a new digital spin on the old popular classic of top trumps. Designed and created by Carla Brown, Scientist and self confessed sciencegamer.

The game is available on iOS and Google Play for free. See if you can beat the notorious bacteria bot!



A digital companion to the Solve-It-Blocks education product.

Solve-It-Blocks was an app developed to support a physical education product. Future Fossil undertook development of the app and included in-app purchases to allow users to unlock more levels for the game.

The game is available on iOS, Google Play, Windows Phone and Kindle for free.



Jack Reynolds

Ouroboros is a game designed by BAFTA 'Young Game Designer 2015' winner Jack Reynolds, his game is about a futuristic robot that must die in order to progress through the level. The completed game was shown at Abertay University on the 23rd of October 2015 to the patron of BAFTA, Prince William.



workshop picture

Commitment to the community.

Future Fossil has been developing and delivering game development workshops since 2013. These workshops are aimed at beginners of any age and range from day sessions to five day courses. Participants gain hands on experiences with industry standard tools whilst interacting with professional developers. Future Fossil has worked closely with partners such as YOYO games, BAFTA, Abertay University and the Prince’s Trust to inspire the next generation of video game developers.

A collection of games which have been built during these workshops are available to play via the Education Portal. If you would like to know more about how Future Fossil can help deliver a workshop for your organisation please contact us.



Games development, education.


Have an idea for a game? Talk to us for free!

Future Fossil can help with design, production and release of any small to medium game project that you may have. We specialise in developing ideas that have specific challenges to overcome or which would not exist in mainstream markets. Future Fossil can provide all development services needed to take your concept to market at a competitive price. All of our consultations are initially free and undertaken in the strictest confidence.

If you're looking for a way to complement your existing business, reach new audiences or engage via an interactive medium - let's chat!


Future Fossil can realise data in a graphically interesting way to engage your audience, and track metrics to help improve your customers experience.

Educational Workshops

Through commitment to the community Future Fossil can prepare, consult on and deliver education workshops.



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Company Overview

Future Fossil Studios Ltd. (Future Fossil) is a games development studio based in the heart of Dundee, Scotland. The company was founded in 2013 and has developed a mixture of proprietary intellectual properties and commissioned games in its short history. The company has successfully delivered a number of development projects for mobile gaming platforms as well as committing to work with partners within the local community to further games development education.

Future Fossil is always looking for potential new partners who can aid the business in delivering new and exciting games.

The Team

daniel falconer
Daniel Falconer
Director / Designer

Daniel is one of the co-founders and designers at FFS. A talented individual, who has led his team through 3 years of successful projects. His main role within the team is to direct the team's focus and interface with clients.

When Dan is not in the studio he can be found on the fairway, trying to play golf.

donald hicks
Donald Hicks
Director / Programmer

Donald is one of the co-founders and programmers at FFS. His skills are essential to the team's development cycle with an excellent knowledge of multiple programming languages. His roles and responsibilities also extend to company admin and finance.

Donald is an avid gamer and can frequently be found at the local cinema.

phil barrowclough
Phil Barrowclough
Director / Artist

Phil is one of the co-founders and artists at FFS. His work has featured in all the games FFS have made, with a range of 2D and 3D work, he is able to produce high quality visuals for all kinds of projects. His responsibilities also include organising and delivering the educational workshop packages.

Away from his computer, Phil is a passionate sportsman and enjoys staying active.

stefen rodger
Stefen Rodger
Director / Programmer

Stefen is one of the co-founders and programmers at FFS.

Outside of work Stefen volunteers at a local code club to help teach young people how to program.


Contact Us


Future Fossil Studios is based in the heart of Dundee, Scotland.

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Contact Information

If you would like to get in contact with us, or have general enquires please email us at info@futurefossilstudios.com


For press enquires please email us at press@futurefossilstudios.com, and look at our presskit


To request support for any of our products please email us at support@futurefossilstudios.com

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